Monday, October 01, 2007

What is "ST" ?

The name means Sixteen ST / Thirty-Two ( "sixteen / thirty-two") in reference to the architecture mixed 16/32 bit microprocessor. The caption said he was also chosen because they are the initials of Samuel Tramiel, son of Jack Tramiel, president of Atari at the time. The first model in the series (spring 1985) was the 130ST (128 KB RAM), followed by 520ST (512 Kb and 520ST + (1024 Kb released in 1985 and 260ST (512 KB), but with a floppy in Tos load RAM and 520STm (512 KB in 1986. He followed the 520STf (f for Floppy, floppy 3 "5 bundled), 1040STf (1 MB RAM), 520STe, 1040STe (e extended to: graphic and sound capabilities extended ). Traveling more professional, there was also the Mega ST, Mega STe, TT (competitor to the Macintosh desktop publishing and music-aided) and laptops and Stacy ST Book. The latest computer the series produced by Atari was the Falcon030, incorporating a Motorola 68030 and a DSP Motorola 56001. After the acquisition of Atari by Hasbro, clones were put on the market, such as the Eagle, the Medusa, Hades and Milan. Some of them were based on the design of the TT, other than that of the Falcon (with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor)), integrating developments processor (68040 or 68060), and other developments, as the use of a PCI bus. These computers were particularly popular with musicians grappling with MIDI present in standard configuration. The Atari ST range was in direct competition with the manufacturer Commodore Amiga. The owners of European microphones were then divided into two clans: the owners of an Atari and owners of an Amiga.


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in my opinion there is missing the 1040 STfm (1024kb, floppy and tv out... nice greets SpOOnmAn


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