Friday, August 25, 2006

JAM - Just Another Musicplayer

Jam is a multiformat music player which comes in two versions for both Atari 68K-computers and Windows PC.

Originally programmed for Atari-computers, it replays your popular oldskool music-formats from the golden days of chipmusic (see previous post).

IMHO, JAM is the best player.

Supported formats (windows version)

- SNDH (Atari ST/E/TT/Falcon)
- TFMX (Chris Huelsbeck)
- Future Composer 1.3/1.4
- COSO / TFMX (Jochen Hippel)
- David Whittaker (Amiga)
- TSD (Tao's DMA-SID)

More info and downloads (including demo songs) here


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