Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Atari ST emulators (Part 2)

NoSTalgia, an Atari ST Emulator for the Macintosh:

NoSTalgia Emulator's homepage:


StoneX - Atari ST Emulator for Unix/X

STonX is an Atari ST Emulator intended primarily for use with Unix and the X Window System. (Ports to MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows 95 have been released by other people or are being worked on). STonX is distributed under the GNU License, meaning that source code is available as well - and, of course, it's free software.

StonX homepage:


At 1:42 AM, Blogger NiceGuyUK said...

StonX is quite old - on Linux/UNIX you'd be better off trying Steem http://steem.atari.st (mainly for Windows, but ported to Linux as XSteem) or Hatari http://hatari.sourceforge.net

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