Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"ST-Sound" - freeware utility by Arnaud Carre

ST-Sound was previously a ATARI Music emulator, written by Arnaud Carre some years ago. It's now a general "Nostalgic" Computer Sound Emulator !

ST-Sound includes many sound technics:

Yamaha YM2149 SoundChip Processor emulation engine
Specific ATARI-ST Sound programming emulation. (SID-Voice and DigiDrum emulation)
AMIGA "PAULA" SoundChip Processor emulation engine.
Universal Digital Sound Tracker engine.

..All these "Hardware" emulating capabilities allow ST-Sound to play such Computer musics: ATARI-ST Standard chip musics. (95% of all ATARI game's tunes), ATARI-ST specific chip tunes with SID Voice and/or DigiDrum. (80% of ATARI Demo's tunes !), ATARI-ST Digital Tracker tunes ! (All !! not only MODs, but all strange format, as "KnuckelBusters" in the Cuddly Demos or Digital Departement in the BIG Demo !) , AMIGA "Future Composer" tunes, ZX-Spectrum chip tunes, AMSTRAD CPC chip tunes, MSX Chip tunes , Mattel Intellivison Chip tunes, Sega MasterSystem Chip tunes...

Learn more here:

and here is an a nice article:

"Electronic Sounds - Beautiful Music on the Atari ST?"

...Whatever video game you may have played, be it Pac Man or Mario Sunshine, I'm sure you have enjoyed that experience. But how many of you notice the music? It's an element of a computer game that is either inconsequential to your experience (but important never-the-less), or it is something you view as integral to the gameplay and visuals. Just as music plays an important role in the movies, being in some cases as critical as the moving images, music in video games can be as vital an element...



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