Monday, November 27, 2006

Hello there :)

From my mailbox:

"Atari ST. A house computer. The American answer to computer Commodore Amiga. My friendwith pleasure told me, that he saw this computer in his university. That without problems typed on Atari ST texts and played in set of games. A diskette in capacity of 880 KB it was inserted into a computer sideways.

Atari ST created by company Atari Corp in the middle 80 somehow has got to Russia and has pleased musicians owing to the built in MIDI-port. The western musicians the same have appreciated the computer. Well-known group QUEEN used the given computer in the creativity as a sequencer.

On Atari ST there was very much a plenty of programs. Much was converted on Atari with Amiga and on the contrary, but as a result weaker hardware has buried this model. ST has not sustained a competition with AMIGA and IBM PC. Though IBM at that time represented poor enough show. For a computer there were many logs (for example ST Format, Atari/Amiga Programm).

In the book with the description of games for ZX Spectrum I have seen tremendous screenshots from game Last Duel. Below there was a postscript, that sreens are removed from house computer Atari ST. At once it wanted to me to play in Atari games. The range of colours on screenshots was simply magnificent."

Thank You anonymous reader :-)


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Grunaki said...

Hey, you're back!

Do some reviews or something! :-D


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