Monday, August 21, 2006

Interesting article (and good link :)

Here is an interest article at "Dave's old computers":

The Atari ST is a 68000 based graphical computer. It was often considered a "poor mans Macintosh clone", as it was considerably less expensive than Apple's offering, and clearly did borrow a few ideas from the Mac. user interface. A couple of neat features of the ST are that it contains its OS in ROM, and that it reads and writes diskettes in DOS "FAT" format. I have four Atari ST's in my collection, two early model 520STs with separate power supplies and floppy drives, a later model 520ST which has the power supply and floppy drive integrated, and a 1040ST which is essentially the same machine as the later 520 but with 1M of RAM instead of 512k..

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