Thursday, November 01, 2007

The history of video games (thanks to Paul :)

The early history of video games is relatively unclear given that the very notion of video game is not exactly framed and is the subject of debate among specialists.

According to the definition that we accept video game, its history can begin around 1950 with the idea of Ralph Baer or 1952 with OXO, 1958 with Tennis for Two or 1962 with Spacewar, which is the earliest commonly accepted. Pong in turn is the first game where the gameplay was addictive and catchy enough to make him succeed with the general public. If Pong did not invent the game, he kicked off the industry vidéoludique. This an explosive growth and fever in the United States until 1983 when it undergoes a crash that has migrated to Japan. There she sees its renaissance, especially through the NES and Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.. In 1985, which inaugurates a new philosophy in the design of video games: more affluent and open to all audiences. Since then, the video game industry continues to grow, and from 2002 its turnover exceeded that of world cinema.

To be continued.


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