Thursday, November 01, 2007

Atari Falcon 030

The Atari Falcon030 is an Atari computer-based microprocessor Motorola 68030 and the DSP Motorola 56001. The latest of the family Atari ST, the Falcon has emerged in France in 1992.

The original two machines were scheduled, entry-level version called Falcon 030 based on the architecture of the Atari ST with a microprocessor Motorola 68030 and a more advanced version called Falcon 040 with a completely new architecture microprocessor and a Motorola 68040 . This model will never be marketed.

The Falcon has been marketed in several versions, with 1, 4 or 14 MB RAM, with or without a hard drive (open version). The open version 4 million was sold 4990 francs without french screen. The hard drive included with generally a hard drive 2 "½ to 80 MB Thereafter retailers have changed the Falcon open to be sold with hard drives 3" from the world ½ PC much cheaper, so in 1994 appeared versions with hard drive 420 MB If the Falcon was a real novelty when it was announced in 1992, it will come too late to compete with home computers that are becoming ever more powerful and less expensive. In addition expandability was limited and the slate of dedicated software was paying scant although in the long term it has covered all areas.

This will be the last computer designed by Atari. After abandoning its production, it will be resumed for a time by the company C-LAB under the name Falcon Mark I, Mark II Falcon with input / output and improved its Falcon MKX in a brand new rack enclosure dedicated to professional musicians.


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