Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ishar: The legend of Fortress

Ishar: The legend of Fortress
Developer: Silmarils
Release date: 1992

You suddenly find yourself trying to stop the destruction effect of evil spreading from a mysterious fortress, Ishar, throughout your kingdom. With up to 5 characters fight your way through in this first role-playing adventure in Silmarils' Ishar trilogy...

Good stock posture is announced, the characters should always lead enough food to the condition strengthening with themselves, also a respectable upholsterer in ingredients for drinks. During a fight(battle) one should let the figures for the purpose of condition increase quietly sometimes a bread swallow. After the fights(battles) you should not forget to perform to them the first help(assistance). Besides, one should have coal also always in masses(measures) visit (if necessary several times the city of Elwingil), also a member of the party should be appointed the treasurer and take the whole mammon in himself. The training possibilities at the beginning of the play(game) should be used extensively. While signing on of assistants should be paid attention to the fact that no thieves or spies are taken up(accepted) in the group. The optimum Marschordnug in the area(ground) should be " one after the other with the best fighter at the head(in front) ", also in the area(ground) the party should allow itself once again a well-arranged meal or a small(little) nap.


At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone give some guidelines on how to make any progress with this game?
Good presentation & graphics, good interface, but am I missing something or
does it really have to be so deuced boring? It's got a vast playing area
("more than 100,000 views with footstep by footstep updates of the
landscape" according to the box blurb - perhaps I should have taken that as
a warning to steer clear) and the scenery's all very pretty, birds
twittering, wind moaning in the trees, etc, but most of the time that's
pretty much all that happens. On several occasions I've spent the best part
of an hour wandering around trying to find something to happen, and when I
do find a bridge or something which seems to go somewhere interesting the
party gets annihilated by some creature or other - and half the time it's an
invisible one they can't even fight! And everything's so expensive! Weapons,
spells, etc seem mostly to cost 1,000 GP upwards, so I've got no chance of
improving the party's protection. You even have to pay to save the game! You
can find yourself having made a bit of progress after ages of drudgery and
then not be able to save your position because you haven't got enough money
- that's some seriously naff game design. Has anyone at least got a map of
the place to give me a start? The thought of the days - nay, months,
probably - of unutterable tedium involved in preparing a 25,000 location map
(no auto-mapper here - all you've got is a Map option which gives a totally
useless static picture of Ishar) is just too much to bear. Having some idea
of what any of the potions with gibberish names might do would help as well.


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