Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I've just obtained a ZyXEL 1496E modem, which I wanted to use with my Atari ST.
Unfortunately, there is a problem: Although the modem works just fine on a
486/33 PC, it won't work on the ST, as the DTE signal from the ST is not
accepted by the modem (I did try it on another ST, so its not just my ST's
serial port malfunctioning). The DTE LED on the modem flashes on and off
rapidly sometimes, sometimes it's just off, although it is connected to the
ST. If (by chance) the DTE is on (for a short time), it's possible to send
data to the modem and vice versa (self-tests are all o.k.), but this only
works for a few seconds.
Has anybody experienced the same troubles and could offer some advice to solve
this rather annoying problem ?


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