Thursday, May 29, 2008

Old emails from my archive (part 1)

I am updating my list of all carts available for the Atari 8bits, and I would
appreciate some help. Here are some specific carts I am trying to verify the
existence of or find more information on.

Atari Berzerk
Atari Xevious

I know I've played both but I don't remember if they were on cart or disk.
I'm not sure if Berzerk was an Atari game or not either.

Atari Blast 'Em

This is a rumored XEGS game but I've never come across anyone who has it.

Atari Kangaroo

Were prototype carts made of this? I know about the bootleg file version.

Atari Macro Assembler

Was this ever released on a cart?

Atari RX8028 Soccer

I have an Atari catalog with this in it (along with a screen shot), yet
I've never seen one. Anyone have it?

Atari RX8037 Star Trux
Atari Superman III
Atari Super PILOT (programming language)
Atari CA400201 XE Demo cart (4 games)

I don't know anything about these. They were taken from someone else's list
which indicated them as never released. Were prototypes made?

Big Five Scraper Caper

Was there a cart version or only a disk?

Parker Bros. Montezuma's Revenge

I have the 16K disk version and I've played the 32K disk version as well.
Was the 16K version made into a cart?

Parker Bros. Mr. Do's Castle

I've seen this on other lists but as far as I know this game was never coded
for the Atari 8bits. (Someone please prove me wrong!) Is there some remote
chance a prototype exists?

Frogger II: Threedeep

Who released this cart, Parker Bros. or Sega?

Synapse Encounter
Synapse Zeppelin

Were these released on cart or only disk?

Bumper Bash
Micro Maestro
Spider City

Any idea who released these carts?

Finally, anyone know of a cart released by Tensor Technologies? If so, what
was it?

Thanks for any help.


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