Friday, November 02, 2007

"Lemmings" - classic game, some info

Lemmings is a game in two dimensions. The aim of the game is to guide dozens of lemmings, tiny humanoid creatures in the dress blue and green hair in levels in the architecture convoluted. Up to one hundred lemmings come to the queue leu leu in the scene by one or more traps.

The lemmings do not think they always progressing right in front of them, regardless of the danger that presents itself (ravine, drowning, fire trap). To guide lemmings to the exit door, the player has eight different abilities that he can give them at any time: parachuting, construction of stairs 12 steps, blocking, mountaineering, drilling, by self explosion destruction, and so on. The number of use skills are limited, it is therefore thought about the company not to see lemmings remain blocked or die in the chain. Each level consists of a stage, a panel of skills, a percentage of lemmings to save and a limited time. A level is successful when the player is able to bring in enough time lemmings to the exit.

The first version of the game offers 120 levels with the difficulty gradually. Some decorations back, each time with fewer skills, less time or more lemmings to save. Some versions also include a two-player mode; This is notably the case of the Amiga, Atari ST, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. In this mode, players are given a way out different and the goal is to bring as many lemmings that the opponent. The tactic here is different, and often invol.

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