Tuesday, June 03, 2008

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"I remember the good old 1980's. When things were so uncomplicated. I wish
I could go back there again, and everything be the same." - Jeff Lynn

*Sigh*. Are you glad its over? This past year was hard. Atari is sort of
like the sick Uncle. You don't want him to go, but seeing him get sicker
and sicker each day was harder that if he just up and died. Maybe now we
can move on. Atari isn't going to make a come back. Its unfair I tell ya!

My thoughts

- The Jaguar -
A 135,000 units????? Worst still, STreport seems to think that number might
be padded. Now I'm amazed that 50 games got made for it. I'm fairly sure
that even the Channel F system sold more that 135k. Does this make the Jag
the worst selling system ever? Even the Lynx sold a million units. Gee
after arguing on Fidonet and here that the Jag sold 400k I feel real stupid
now. I guess the sales figures ment that the games sold really well
considering the small user base. I've enjoyed my Jag just like I enjoyed
the 2600, 7800, etc... With games like Tempest 2000, it will continued to
get play for another few years. Maybe we'll see a game or two more but I'm
not likely to buy another game for it. You know what I'll remember? The
cute little hum my Jag makes.

-The computers-
Now these are the owners that I feel sorry for. Jag owners, like myself,
atlest don't have that much invested. Although I guess Atari died for you a
long time ago. It could be worst I guess. Amiga keeps changing hands with
no developments and Apple is doing its best to die. (Powerbooks with ears
by Ross Perot. What are they thinking?) I still remember ads from Compute!
magazine. Proffessional ads for the ST. It was the Jackintosh. Atlest it
sold better than the Jag. :(

Who are they kidding? Even if they continue in videogames, who is going to
buy something from JTS?

-The future-
Its really odd. With Atari offically dead, I don't even want to collect the
old systems anymore. Maybe I'll come to my senses later...


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