Friday, August 18, 2006

Top 10 Atari ST Games

..In one of the old Atari ST users opinion

Dungeon Master:
This one was my first "all nighter". It was the first time I felt completely immersed in a computer RPG. In my mind each character in my party had a well established personality even though nothing like that is ever established in the game. I guess the game had just the right blend of realism but still left room for imagination.

Never played this game over the modem, always wanted to but never had the time. Does this game have cross system modem play compatability (can I play a game on my ST over the modem with a friend who has the PC version?)

Out Of This World:
Another "all nighter". I loved the simple polygon graphics. In particular I liked the way the first beast was just a big black mass with no detail other than his gapping maw. I've always wanted to hook my ST up to my VCR and record this game from start to finish as a movie. Although I'll probably do it with my Genesis version since it gives a clearer composite image than my ST with Video Key.

Chaos Strikes Back:
Don't you love it when a sequal is on par or better than the original? And the Utility disk was too cool. Although waking up naked in the middle of the dungeon was a little disconcerting. This game falls under the catagory of "Games I stayed up all night playing".

Frontier (this is an Elite 2):
This game is great, although some things are kind of annoying. Like, if I've got a ship with 6 guns and a crew of 9, why the hell does the captain have to run around to each gun to fight an enemy ship? C'mon! It's called "deligating authority". Let some of the red-shirts man the guns. And does anyone else get a creepy feeling flying through Wolf 359?

Another "all nighter". Bow before the might of the Neo-Roman Empire!

I wonder how many friendships have ended in the Head-2-Head mode?

No Second Prize:
Coolest racing game I ever played on the ST. The graphics are pretty simple by today's standards but everything was so fast and so smooth.

Guantlet 2:
never played it with the 4 player adaptor, but my wife and I used to spend entire weekends playing this together... this was before we had kids.

Knights Of The Sky:
My favorite Flight Battle Simulator. Although it would piss me off when some german ace would challenge you to one on one combat and by the time you got there it seemed like half the german airforce had decided to take you out.

A Rock Star Ate My Hamster:
Haven't met a musician yet who didn't get a laugh out of this simple little game.


At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Populos rulez!

At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Grunaki said...

I played Populous and Powermonger in 2-player mode by linking my ST up to my friend's with a LapLink cable a few times.

Other games I've done this with include:

Stunt Car Racer
Days of Thunder

I think there were a few more that supported this facility, but it's been about 15 years now.. :-S

At 3:04 AM, Anonymous jimbo said...

hard to call the top 10, speedball 2 and sensible soccer definitely up there in mine in terms of the length of time i spent playing them, good list!

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