Friday, August 18, 2006

Atari ST game: Out Of This World (Another world)

Out Of This World (1991)

Main hero - professor Lester Chaykin, who suddenly finds himself in a very strange alien world after a lightning struck his particle experiment. From that moment he should fight for his life, first with his bare hands, then with a gun he finds.

But what gives him courage is the fact he is not alone. One of the aliens, who together with him escapes from the prison, helps him on his dangerous quest. Friendship can overcome all the obstacles.

I loved the simple polygon graphics. In particular I liked the way the first beast was just a big black mass with no detail other than his gapping maw. I've always wanted to hook my ST up to my VCR and record this game from start to finish as a movie :-)

Some info (i found it at mobygames site)

PC version includes two extra levels.

Tagline from the UK ("Another World") packaging:
"It took 6 days to create the Earth. Another World took 2 years."

And some humor:
During the intro, watch Lester's hand as he's using the keypad. It moves forward too much, thus revealing...there is no arm attached to it! :)


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Grunaki said...

Hey, those "Simple polygon graphics" were groundbreaking back then.. I remember being amazed that the ST could produce something so revolutionary..


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