Sunday, June 18, 2006

First time when i saw Atari ST

For the first time I saw this cute computer at the beginning of 1990 at my neighbor.
His father was musician, and used Atari for his music deals. I was 11 y.o for that time.
One day he brings some 3.5" disks with games. When i saw it, i was realy shocked by its graphics, music and sounds (i got NES on thet time.. you know :) )

The most coolest games on that time (i mean my neighbor) are

Fred (cool sounds and graphics, quality sprite animation)
Hostages (Cool music "tha-tha-tha.. tha tha.... GO!!!! ")
Ishar (Wind sound whole the game, weird game atmosphere)
Captain Blood (one of the most interesting and strange games, imho)
Joe Blade

and many many others (we will discuss it later)


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