Friday, August 18, 2006

Captain Blood

Captain Blood (1988)
You are Captain Blood (hence the name) and you must search for Numbers, byproduct of an unsuccesful hyperjump) because they're sapping your life energy.
You have to discuss with the aliens to get the info where the Numbers are, find them and kill them. That's it really - nothing extremely complicated (well actually it can be) and no shooting massive motherships - but it IS a good game.

Some machine versions of cap'n blood, the atari ST for one, were bugged, so the aliens all led you to the wrong places, meaning you could never finishthe game.

My friend says Commander Blood had very bad gameplay, but I think it almost made up for it with its superb amount of character. And the intro music was realy cool. Realy.

Game cheats

During hyperspace, hold down the left mouse button, and right-click repeatedly. This will shorten the hyperspace sequence. And now, the complete walk-thru: Go see Buggol (Planet Mind 137). Land and tell him "me want vote". He will tell you of another Buggol called morlok who lives on planet Rosko 1. Keep talking until you get the coordinates. Go see Morlok. Say to him:" me not vote Morlok, me want Yukas president". He will give you the coordinates of a planet called Female 021. Go and destroy it. Come back to Rosko 1. He will now give you the coordinates of a planet where an Ondoyante is kept prisoner (you didn't need to go there, though...). Go to exterior view and destroy Rosko 1. Go back to Mind 137, and go see the Buggol. He now dislikes you intensely, and will give you the coordinates of Rosko 2. Go there, and teleport the Buggol into your ship. Find an uninhabited planet, and teleport him there. He will say the planet is good-looking and, if you ask "me want know coordinates planet number = Blood", he will give you the coordinates to find number 2. Go there, land, and say you like him, and will not kill him. You must also get three sets of coordinates from him before disintegrating him (having made sure you saved the game beforehand). Now go around using this method to get the coordinates out of the numbers, always killing them before you move on. Kill the last one, and you win! That was the walk-thru. Now here's a trick: at the start of the game you will automatically be in orbit around an alien planet. Transport down and try to find an alien, preferably Yuko, if it isn't Yuko, it may be best to restart the game as he is the key to the game. Talk to Yuko about his father, Maxon, and you will find he is in prison. He will also give you the coordinates for Croolis Ulv, where you will find another alien. While you are talking to Yuko, he will give you the code 1010; this always remains the same. Go to Croolis Ulv and you will be given the co-ordinates for Croolis Var. Go there and destroy it, then go back to Croolis-Ulv. The alien will now be nice to you, keep talking to him and you will get the coordinates for the Forbidden planet. Go to the Forbidden planet (Sinox), and you will meet a guardian robot. Give him the code you received from Yuko. Now watch what happens.


At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Grunaki said...

Captain Blood was one of my favourite ST titles.

I got Commander Blood on the PC as well, and I liked that too, although the gameplay is kind-of linear.

The end of the game was a bit of a disappointment.. I thought I might have done things wrong so I played it through again, but the 'rock concert' ending is the only one I could find.

Getting back to Captain Blood though, I remember pretty much learning the language the aliens spoke - so much so that I barely needed to look at the translation computer!

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