Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Panza Kick Boxing 1990 - Loriciel

You know before this game, Andre Panza? Not me. A very good game, even better to two. With a 1040 could choose his shots among dozens. Many colors on the screen, animation really great (pass therefore your mouse over the boxer left) worked from the digitalisations friend Andre in the studio.

PUBLISHED IN TEST JOYSTICK No. 10 (November 1990):

Drivetrain: reflexes, high, middle or low?

The challenge of Loriciel: to become the best to confront the world champion, Andre Panza. Hey, this is for the false, it is on computer, you're crazy another.
Yeah! of freestylers! Z'y will is the bomb, a set of hip hop!

In Panza Kick Boxing, you start small, with a max of ambition. First, start by creating a character, give him a name (yours will be the case), practice it, and please fight against professional boxers, the lowest in the strongest. I said in passing that all boxers against which you can fight are not unknown, since failure to be true sportsmen, is the team Loriciel you have in front of you. So if you have a tooth against them, do not hesitate to put their full mouth, they are there for that. They are helpful in Loriciel (when a strip-poker in which to undress secretaries?). Two steps are necessary before climbing into the ring. First, the training. To give more chances to your boxer, it will increase its percentage of force him to lift weights, the percentage of reflex hitting at the right time in plots arise from a wall, and his endurance by blowing up the rope. All this happens in the training room.
Who is the most beautiful? So Andre ready for love parade.

I would ask you to kindly follow me now on the table blows. This part of the game you used to select fourteen different strokes among the fifty-five proposed, and install them on the fourteen positions of your joystick available, the positions right and left without pressing fire used to get around. Is it good to leave a minimum of freedom, this bougre. Even a small selection to report: the number of rounds that last battle, with a minimum of three. Once these few details settled, your guy is ready to wipe a fight. We will therefore proceed to the combat phase.

The first player runs the boxer in red pants, the computer or your friend take the blue. A super meuf is in the foreground, indicating the departure of the first round, and let's go. punched in the mouth, helping latte in the elbows, it's hard knocks, while each blow extinguish one of four projectors corresponding to each player. This is the energy level, in fact, dealt with the original. Bulbs extinguished in two stages for small strokes, and one for balaises. Gradually, if you win matches, you will become increasingly strong, and you can fight the boxers greatest. The matches against the big boxers will take place in Room: other decor, with public and glory to the key, the ultimate goal is obviously to combat Panza, the real, the only one, the beautiful, large, the better.
Here it does laughs addition, it is in public, write down the energy level indicated by the spots.

All the characters Panza Kick Boxing are digitized, those presented on page menus fighters into the ring. A monstrous job was shot to achieve this simulation sports, with the digitalization of all possible moves. The graphics are very realistic and positions of boxers perfect since everything has been done with the help of Andrew Panza, the real. So no cheating possible, programmers were too afraid to be breaking the mouth by Panza.

The only not be realistic, is the arbitrator who looks like a Tex Avery character. That is to say that in addition to the fine, they do funny at Loriciel. An animation impeccable at any time, the episode training during which you will see your character really realize the hardships, fighting, as true as the téloche. For example, when boxers will take a super potato in cum, it collapses and if all its energy lights are not extinct, it will raise up to be seen stumbling in front of his opponent.
And now, by dint of tap your friend, you've killed. Sacred Andrew. No serious, there's already oranges on the table for when you're in zonzon.

The animation sound is also very present, with "ouch", "oWw" and "pok" digitized during impacts, and the "ding" announcing the end of a round. You order the characters the joystick with a child ease and freedom to adapt according to your liking (for details, see in history, I will still not repeat myself). Let's be frank and did not mince words, Panza Kick Boxing is the best boxing simulation carried out until now, and those who will come behind will be interested to cling to not go unnoticed.


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